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A Grateful Journey

21 Years Of Undefeated Success

Our journey to 21 years of success has been marked by the unwavering support of our loyal customers, the dedication of our skilled team, and the trust of the equestrian community. We are grateful for the partnerships we have built and the milestones we have achieved together.


Our products are distributed and trusted in over 40+ countries


Years of experience with proud

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offering a wide range of equestrian products, including saddles, bridles, halters, and accessories.


100% customer satisfaction rate, fostering strong customer loyalty.

What We Make ?​

Skora International excels in crafting an extensive array of premier equestrian products tailored to both Western and English riding disciplines. Our repertoire encompasses Western saddles, bridles, and bits, showcasing intricate craftsmanship and functionality. In the realm of English riding, we specialize in saddles, bridles, and apparel, tailored to dressage, jumping, and beyond. Our commitment to impeccable quality and innovative design is reflected in every saddle pad, rein, and accessory we offer. With a customer-centric approach, Skora International is a trusted name in the global equestrian market, delivering excellence, comfort, and style to riders and their equine companions.

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Western Riding Products:

1. Western Saddles: Providing comfort and functionality for various Western riding styles, such as trail riding, barrel racing, and ranch work.

2. Western Bridles and Headstalls: Featuring distinctive Western designs and functionality for communication with the horse.

3. Bits and Spurs: Western-style bits and spurs designed for effective communication and control during riding.

4. Western Saddle Pads and Blankets: Cushioning saddle pads and blankets that offer comfort for the horse and protect the saddle.

5. Western Apparel: Western-style riding shirts, jeans, chaps, and accessories designed for both comfort and style.

6. Western Boots: Riding boots designed for Western disciplines, offering durability and comfort.

7. Western Reins: Reins are designed to complement Western bridles and provide effective communication with the horse.

8. Western Accessories: Various Western-themed accessories, such as saddlebags, horn bags, and leather care products.

English Riding Products:

1. English Saddles: Tailored to various English riding styles, including dressage, show jumping, and eventing.

2. English Bridles: Designed with elegance and precision for communication and control in English riding.

3. English Bits and Spurs: Bits and spurs suitable for English disciplines, focusing on subtlety and finesse.

4. English Saddle Pads and Numnahs: Providing comfort and protection for both horse and saddle in English riding.

5. English Apparel: Riding attire such as riding jackets, breeches, and show shirts designed for English competitions.

6. English Riding Boots: Specialty boots for English riding, including tall boots for dressage and field boots for jumping.

7. English Reins: Offering a variety of reins designed for different English riding styles and preferences.

8. English Accessories: Accessories such as helmet covers, show bows, and grooming supplies relevant to English riding.



Skora International primarily exports its equestrian products to various countries.

Customers Reviews

"The saddle is supportive and comfortable for both of us."
"As a Saddler, its been very good experience to work with Mr. Abdul Hamid & Mr. Habib
''As a importer,its been very good experience to work with Skora International from last seven year."
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"Love the quality of the saddles, the adjustability and the fit for both me and my horse."
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" I am very impressed with the beautiful workmanship and the fantastic fit of this saddle."
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"The saddle is supportive and comfortable for both of us."
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